HERITAGE 2012 Mtsvane – Dry White

Vineyards: Vineyards were planted in mid 70s in the Mukuzani and adjacent to it areas – the best of Georgian wine regions and possibly one of the oldest as well as best wine growing regions in the world. The vines are treated only manually.

Mesoclimate: The Mesoclimate of Mukuzani, where the grapes for this truly fine and exquisite wine grow, boasts pristine, almost wild and virgin natural qualities. Though, thousands of years old, the soil, the sun, the varieties, the vignerons have remained nourishing, noble, caring and passionate to deliver wine of such elegance.


Soils: Sandy stony clay at 560 – 600 AMSL.


Yield: max 8-10 tons/ha, equivalent to 65 to 70 HL/ha.

Harvest: Harvest day is decided when the grapes are fully responding to the final wine style requirements. We pick the grapes only manually to ensure the highest quality.

History behind this Style: Georgians also made wine called “Udedo”, i.e. with no mother, “an orphan”, thus determining the origin of wine through its birth – fermentation with no skins. They drained grape juice from the crush pit then fermented it. Instead of tannic wines they would make wines very much reminiscent to modern styles.

Vinification : Grapes are de-stemmed without crushing and the must temperature is controlled at about 10 – 12°   5 to 6°C while de-juicing is followed by juice settling under temperature control at 8 to 12°C. Oxidation is prevented during settling the juice to maximize varietal aroma expression. Clarified part of the juice is decanted and Fine Lees are added back into clarified juice while transferring it for fermentation into QVEVRI. The size of our QVEVRIs are from 900  to 2 500 L. This allows us to conduct wild fermentation at the soil temperature without peaking it too high, thus retaining the true characters of the year. Naturally started fermentation stops when wine is dry. From here we taste all the QVEVRIs and we fill up each individual ones from the selected ones leaving them full for the prolonged Lees Contact. Once the style has been reached, wines go through preparations for bottling. Bottling is conducted under the highest standards. Wine is bottle-aged before the release for 5 to 6 months.

Color from light to average straw with green tinge. Taste is fresh of Citrus but with mellow middle palate. Fresh and flavourful body finishes dry and mineral. Dry and crispy palate brings this wine together.

Pairs with shrimps, crab, white fish, tuna and salmon. Raw oysters would be a smart choice. It also charms the taster when enjoyed with salads from crudité.

Best enjoyed at about 6 – 8° C

Alcohol 12.5%



Lado Uzunashvili