GRAND RESERVE 2009 Saperavi – Unfiltered Dry Red

Vineyards: Vineyards were planted in mid 70s in the Mukuzani area – the Red Crown of Georgian wine regions and possibly one of the oldest as well as best wine growing regions in the world. The vines are treated only manually.


Mesoclimate: The Mesoclimate of Mukuzani, where the grapes for this truly fine and exquisite wine grow, boasts pristine, almost wild and virgin natural qualities. Though, thousands of years old, the soil, the sun, the varieties, the vignerons have remained nourishing, noble, caring and passionate to deliver wine of such elegance.


Soils: Sandy stony clay at 560 – 600 AMSL.


Method of Harvest: Manual picking to ensure grape highest quality.


Yield: max 6-7 tons /ha, equivalent to 42 – 45 HL/ha.


Harvest: Harvest day is decided when the grapes are fully responding to the final wine style requirements. Grape picking is only manual to ensure the highest quality.


VinificatIon : Single plot grapes are split into four different batches, delivered into vibrating reception bins with extremely gentle travelling capabilities to the de-stemmer. De-stemming and transfer of the must for fermentation. Each of the four batches individually is subject to four special different fermentations and   treatments: Pre-fermentery  cold soak, Common short maceration with pump-over, Delestage combined with pump-over, Fermentation with pump-over and delestage followed by at least 50 days of long maceration. The latter is always considered the core of the future blend while others play a huge role in the taste fine tuning. Macro-oxygenation is general to all ferments. All the alcoholic fermentations are strictly T-controlled at 20 – 22° C. Then batches go through MLF. The batch with long maceration accomplishes MLF sur marc. Young wines rest after the MLF and then find their next step in three different oak barrels: Caucasian, French and American to mature. After the wines are mature, which in average takes from 14 to 18 months, the best individuals are re-blended to the final style.

The smoothly sunbathed colour from rich dark red to crimson has a notable shine of deep blue edges. Aromas of typical local Mulberry and Blackberry, well blended with Cherry. The textured and harmoniously balanced palate offers multiple sensations of the varietal fruit, well expressed tannins from grapes and oak, which are still to reach their final maturity. This wine is still reaching the enigma of its final flavour and shows enormous cellaring potential for up to 25 years. Once at that age, it will reveal highly appraised characters of mature traditional Georgian Saperavi: authenticity, uniqueness and elegance.  A privileged taste of exquisite wine with all of the history and tradition from the place regarded as the ‘Origin of Wine’ – Georgia.

Both Red meat and game fried, grilled and stewed with spices. Excellent with mature cheese of different  styles.

Best enjoyed at about 14 to 15°C after sufficient contact with air.

Alcohol : 14 %



Lado Uzunashvili