2011 Saperavi Resrve – Unfiltered Dry Red

Vineyards: Vineyards were planted in mid 70s in the Mukuzani area – the Red Crown of Georgian wine regions and possibly one of the oldest as well as best wine growing regions in the world. The vines are treated only manually. Crop size is controlled.

Soils: Sandy and sandy clay at 520 – 560 AMSL.

Yield: max 8 tons /ha, equivalent to 50 to 55 HL/ha.

Method of Harvest: Manual picking to ensure grape highest quality.

Vinification: Grapes are de-stemmed and must transferred into the fermentation tanks. In some cases short pre-fermentation cold soak for a part of grapes. Fermentation wild and/or with selected cultured yeast    species. Both under strict temperature control at about 22 – 24°C. Extraction using pump-over, delestage and cap punching (the latter for small batches only). Oxygenation of ferments. Pressing on membrane and/or basket presses. 30 to 40 % pressings join back to the free run. MLF done immediately after finishing alcoholic fermentation. Individual wines are blended to the final style. The blend is kept in tanks for harmonizing the wine structure and then the blend is prepared for bottling. Filtration with regards to the wine and the vintage specifics to maximally retain all the characteristics achieved. Bottling is conducted under the highest standards. Wine is bottle-aged before the release for 6 to 9 months.

Colour Opulent ruby. Bouquet of Black Mulberry, Blackberry and Cherry. Exuberant, yet velvety tannins well balanced with the entire structure. It has excellently expressed vinosity – quite a common phenomenon to wines from Georgian varieties.

Both Red meat and game fried, grilled and stewed with spices. Excellent with mature cheese of  different styles.

Best enjoyed at about 14 to 15°C after sufficient contact with air.

Alcohol : 13 %



Lado Uzunashvili