IMPERIAL 2008 Saperavi – Dry Red Unfiltered

Vineyards: these plots, once the core for historically outstanding wines destined to selective palates and producing grapes of the highest qualities, are challenging for unique decisions whilst vinified. The nesting place is Mukuzani – the Red Crown of Georgian wine regions and possibly one of the oldest as well as best wine growing regions in the world. This is the place of the Mukuzani’s Wine Golden Goblet from the II millennium BC.

Mesoclimate: The Mesoclimate of Mukuzani, where the grapes for this truly fine and exquisite wine grow, boasts pristine, almost wild and virgin natural qualities. Though, thousands of years old, the soil, the sun, the varieties, the vignerons have remained nourishing, noble, caring and passionate to deliver wine of such elegance.


Soils:  Stony clay at 600 – 650 AMSL, where the best of MUKUZANI has been historically harvested.

Yield: max 5 tons /ha, equivalent to 35 – 37 HL/ha.

Harvest: Harvest day is decided based on grapes fully responding to the final wine style requirements as well as respecting the local traditions as to when grapes for a great wine can be picked – this would correspond to Bio-Dynamic thinking if said in modern language. Georgians called it Rjulis Canoni, i.e. Canonical Way of Living, which greatly applied to wine culture as well. Once decided, grape picking for this wine is somewhat ritualistic and sacred. It ONLY is produced in tiny volumes by sorting each single berry, which would then carefully go for vinification.

Vinification : After we collect enough fruit for fermentation, it is all natural wild to stress on the place of origins and the year of vintage. It is controlled at 20 – 22° C. Unlike fully traditional approach, we only macerate this wine maximum 50 days. We conduct MLF by inducing it and then strictly controlling it while still on marc, thus giving the wine unforgettable complexity. It then rests and matures in seasoned, old Caucasian oak to once again stress on its origins. Old barrels are used to avoid excessive oak influence. After the wine is mature we siphon it from barrels let it settle and harmonize again and then bottle it unfiltered to retain its wholesome qualities.

This SPECIAL wine TASTES simply IMPERIAL and wine lovers are to judge it without our  comments.

Various dishes of your choice matching full bodied, exuberant and rich wines. Fantasy is the best friend to make a decision to have a complete satisfaction since this wine is for a wine lover with exquisite taste.

Best enjoyed at about 14 to 15° C after decantation and sufficient contact with air.

Alcohol : 14 %



Lado Uzunashvili