HERITAGE 2012 Saperavi – Dry Red

Vineyards: Vineyards were planted in mid 70s in the Mukuzani it area – the best of Georgian wine regions and possibly one of the oldest as well as best wine growing regions in the world. The vines are treated only manually.


Soils: Sandy stony clay at 560 – 600 AMSL.


Method of Harvest: Manual picking to ensure grape highest quality.


Yield: max 6-7 tons /ha, equivalent to 42 – 45 HL/ha.


Harvest: Harvest day is decided when the grapes are fully responding to the final wine style requirements. Grape picking is only manual to ensure the highest quality.

Vinification: Grapes are de-stemmed and must is transferred for fermentation. In some cases short pre-fermentation cold soak for a part of grapes. Fermentation wild and/or with selected cultured yeast species. Both under strict temperature control at about 22 – 24°C. Extraction using pump-over, delestage and cap punching (the latter for small batches only). Macro oxygenation is a preferred way during fermentation. Pressing on membrane and/or basket presses. 30 to 40 % pressings join back to the free run. MLF done immediately after finishing alcoholic fermentation and then young wines are let harmonize their rich structure, soften tannins and balance the body. Individual wines are blended to the final style. 60% of the blend matures in French, American and Caucasian Oak barrels. Once mature enough, wine from the barrels joins its major part and only then the blend is prepared for bottling. Wine is bottle-aged before the release for minimum 5 to 6 months.

Mature but still bright ruby blended with blue and brick hues. Black Mulberry and sweet Cherry enhanced with spicy oak and vanilla overtones. Palate is tasteful and exuberant bearing Black Mulberry, Blackberry and Cherry flavours. Rich velvety tannin sensation enhances the wine structure. Oak  maturation complemented with the balanced acidity and excellently expressed vinosity.

Perfect with main red meat dishes and mature cheese. Outstands with spicy stews and casseroles.

Best enjoyed at about 14 to 15 ° C after sufficient contact with air.

Alcohol : 13.5 %



Lado Uzunashvili